Easy Wireless Transfer

switchNwalk will use a common wireless network to help you seamlessly transfer your contacts, calender entries, call logs, media and applications from your old smartphone to your new phone.

Cross Platform Support

switchNwalk is supported across major smartphone platforms such as Android, iOS, Nokia Asha, Blackberry OS, and Windows Phone.

The coolest new applications

Whether you are a first time smartphone user or already have a smartphone; switchNwalk will automatically install an array of essential applications that everybody needs to get started. Whether you want to book movie tickets, flight tickets or shop online, you will always have an app for that.



Readymade customer base

With switchNwalk, companies gain access to a large consumer base instantaneously. switchNwalk is available across all major digital retail chains in India, with instant access to first time smartphone buyers.

Influence first time smartphone users

Create a buzz among first time smartphone buyers to accelerate growth. With several customers graduating from feature phones to smartphones, switchNwalk is in a unique position to influence them strongly and impact on how they use their smartphones.

Reach users in their natural environment

We strongly believe that targeting users in the ‘usage’ context is the most powerful way to influence customers. switchNwalk provides extensive training to store agents to help them understand the customer behaviour and specific benefits of your application to the customers.

Secure, seamless and wireless solution

switchNwalk will help store agents transfer data from the customer’s old phones to new phones seamlessly, without the need for wires or a computer.

Customer delight

Using switchNwalk to transfer data drastically reduces waiting time and significantly eases the process of a comprehensive data transfer. The simple, easy-to-use experience will undoubtedly bring about increased customer satisfaction.

Free application installations

switchNwalk offers an array of applications that are free for the customer. First time smartphone buyers walks out of the store with their phone fully loaded with latest applications and games.


Email & Phone


Reliance Corporate Park,MailRoom,Bldg No. TC-23
Thane-Belapur Road,Ghansoli,Navi Mumbai-400701.

Currently switchNwalk can be used only by agents in selected retail outlets we have partnered with.